Our new Underwear Club is offered to U.S. Residents at $16.95/month and $25.95/month for Non-U.S. Residents which includes one pair of Justin Case underwear every month with FREE global First Class shipping. Club members have two options: the "Specialty" membership, with which members will receive a brand-new, specially designed pair of Justin Case every month; or the "Classic" membership, with which members will receive a solid colored pair that is themed for that month (Ex: October/"Halloween" = Orange pair) and is currently sold on our online store. 

Please note that customers that reside in New York will be subject to a 4% NYS Tax and New York City residents will also have an additional 4.875% County Tax added to their subscription in order to comply with local laws.

We'll ship your first pair during the week you register to become a member. Please note, that we have limited our memberships in order to deliver our customers one of a kind pair of Justin Case in a timely manner. 

You can cancel your membership anytime!

Fill out the information below to experience the luxury of Justin Case.  You can choose up to two style preferences in two different categories with the opportunity to change your options anytime during your membership. If any assistance is needed, please email 

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